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Pizza Oven

Congratulations on your decision to purchase or build your own pizza oven.

They are a great centre-piece for family gatherings and parties, equally great for commercial use, they’re versatile (you can cook much more than just pizzas – check out our recipes page), and they are the ultimate cooking tool to achieving pizza perfection.

A pizza oven can come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and specifications. Take a look at the most common indoor and outdoor pizza oven types below to see what works best for you.

Types of Pizza Oven

Traditional Wood-Fired Pizza Oven

Firewood oven pizza

When done right, Traditional Wood-Fired Pizza Ovens can deliver the most authentic-tasting pizzas.

Rustic, crispy, smokey pizzas can be created using a wood fired oven – just like ‘a-mama used to make’.

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Gas-Fired Pizza Oven

gas fired pizza oven

The ultimate in convenience and reliability – pizza oven pizzas at the turn of a button.

From clay, to masonry, gas fired pizza ovens come in different styles.

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Electric Pizza Oven


Reliable and great for full temperature-control, electric pizza ovens are great for commercial applications in particular.

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Deck Pizza Oven


Great for a large home kitchen or commercial setting – deck pizza ovens are normally ceramic and can turn-out pizzas in quick succession.

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Conveyor Pizza Oven


Reliable and great for large-scale production such as a busy commercial environment – you can almost guarantee colour and cooking time with a conveyor pizza oven.

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Indoor Pizza Oven vs Outdoor Pizza Oven

So you’ve decided you want to invest in a pizza oven – but what would suit you best? An indoor or an outdoor oven?

Here’s the pros and cons of each so you can decide for yourself:

Indoor Pizza Oven


  • All-year round pizzas!
  • Wide range of options from wood, to gas, to electric, to deck, to conveyor ovens
  • Great focal-point for the kitchen
  • Convenience of chopping/preparing and also cooking in the kitchen


  • Requires proper ventilation and insulation systems and is typically more costly to install than an outdoor oven
  • If the oven is built into a wall, it can make maintenance and repairs difficult when compared to a standalone outdoor oven

Outdoor Pizza Oven


  • Great for Summer get-togethers
  • Provides a heat-source in itself, so additional heat from patio heaters may not be necessary when sat outdoors
  • Relatively cheap to buy, and possibility of building your own pizza oven
  • Generally easy access for maintenance/repair if necessary
  • Great garden focal-point


  • Mostly restricted to gas or wood-fired models
  • Restricted by the weather

Build Your Own Pizza Oven

What could be more satisfying than making your own pizzas in a pizza oven? . . . try making your own pizzas in a pizza oven you built yourself!

DIY pizza ovens take a little know-how and effort, but if done right, they can provide years and years of great pizza and entertainment.

That’s why we built our ‘How to Build Your Own Pizza Oven‘ ebook – so you can learn how to build your own, and what common pitfalls to avoid so you can be sure that your self-made pizza oven will last for many years.

Download your free copy by filling in the form below:

How to Build Your Own Pizza oven Guide