So, you’ve decided to invest in a pizza cooker?

The kitchen oven just isn’t enough, and you need something dedicated to carefully tending to your true food love – pizza.

Great choice!

But, there’s lots of options out there and lots of different pizza cookers available. Which one do you choose?

Well, assuming this is for your own personal use, and you won’t be using your pizza cooker in a commercial setting (friends and family don’t count!), there’s┬ávarious options available to you.

But before you decide on the type/model of pizza cooker, you first need to decide whether you want your pizza cooker installed indoors, in your kitchen, or outdoors, in your garden.

Some models can only be used indoors for obvious reasons (most electric pizza cookers, for instance) but many other models can be used in both settings, so decide first where you want to cook your beloved pizzas.

Now you know where you’d like to cook your pizzas, let’s help you find the right type of oven to cook them in.

Here’s the most popular options:

Wood Fired Pizza Cooker

The traditional, wood-fired pizza cooker. These are typically large, dome-shaped ovens fueled by . . . you guessed it, wood!

These can be installed both indoors (with correct ventilation) and outdoors.

They produce some of the most authentic-tasting, Italian style pizzas given the hot base of the oven and smokey characteristics imparted on the pizza itself.

You can cook a pizza in as little as 90 seconds in a wood-fired pizza cooker, so it’s great for cooking your delicious pizzas quickly once the oven is up to temperature.

They’re also great centerpieces for get-togethers and parties – so if you’ve a lot of friends and/or a big family, this could be the perfect excuse for a pizza party!

The only downside to a wood-fired pizza oven is that it takes skill to cook properly in one, and would take a newbie quite a while until they could cook good pizzas without burning or over-cooking, and also it takes solid fuel (hardwood) so you have to ensure you maintain sufficient stores so you can operate your oven whenever you fancy a slice!

Gas Fired Pizza Cooker

These come in various shapes and sizes, but you can get gas pizza cookers in the same style as a traditional wood-fired oven – but with the convenience of using gas to fuel the fire rather than wood.

You also still achieve the high temperatures needed to create a traditional thin-crust pizza (although not quite as high as a wood-fired equivalent) so the taste isn’t too dissimilar to pizzas coming out of a wood-fired counterpart.

If installing indoors, you have the added advantage of being able to share a flue with any other gas appliance or extraction hood – which is not the case with a wood-fired pizza cooker (this would need its own outlet).

Fired-up at the flick of a switch, gas ovens are much faster to come up to temperature than a wood fired one, so you don’t have to wait as long to get your delicious pizzas in your stomach!

A great, convenient option that still delivers on flavour and style.

Electric Pizza Cooker

Electric pizza cookers are the ultimate in convenience cooking when it comes to pizzas.

Most can only be used indoors, for obvious reasons.

Now available are the small, single pizza electric cookers – with a removable non-stick base and rotating plate to ensure your pizza is evenly cooked and still achieves a good deal of heat under the base – lending a traditional rise to the dough.

They are turned on at the flick of a switch, and are super-quick to cook, you just set the timer and temperature, and let the oven do the work until it tells you that your lovely pizza is ready to eat!

Quick, easy, and still delivers on flavour – this is the ultimate fast food option for the busy pizza chef.

So there you have it, a run-down of all the pizza oven types available to the budding home pizzeria enthusiast.

We hope this helps in your search for your ideal pizza cooker and allows you to refine your search to find a model within your chosen cooker type.

Go forth, young chef, and make pizza!