Here’s our chosen pizza oven for November.

November is here! The month of bonfire toffee, toffee apples, fireworks, and garden get-togethers.

So what better excuse for a family gathering than a brand new pizza oven for your garden?

What can be a better way of enjoying the fireworks and bonfire than with a slice of hot, freshly cooked, wood-fired, thin crust, crispy, delicious pizza.

Did I sell that vision of pizza well enough?

So, whilst you’re wiping the drool from your mouth, we’ll announce this month’s Pizza Oven of the Month!

The Igneus Wood Fired Pizza Oven in Aubergine.

Here it is:


Why aubergine?

Well, aside from it being an amazing topping for your wood-fired pizzas, it’s also an awesome colour and makes a very eye-catching addition to your garden. Plus, we think it’s quite autumnal and fitting for the season.

The thing we really like about this oven, aside from the colour and aesthetics, is the fact that it’s portable. So if you don’t fancy accommodating a huge group of friends and family in your garden this bonfire night, you can take your pizza oven with you to someone else’s garden. Genius!

What’s more, it’s an affordable pizza oven too – at only £649 inc VAT.

The Specifics

So, let’s get down to business.

How many pizzas can this baby cook?

The internal area of the oven measures 600mm x 600mm, giving plenty of space for at least 2, or maybe 3, moderate-sized pizzas.

Meaning this is perfect for parties, cooking pizzas in around 90 seconds once up to temperature, and churning-out 2-3 at a time – it’s unlikely you’ll not be able to turn-out enough pizzas for even the biggest family and friend gatherings.

What else can it cook?

This model comes with an oven door, so you can bake and roast with it too.

From Sunday roasts, to sourdough loafs – this pizza oven can accommodate them all.

What’s extra cool is the built-in temperature gauge, so you  can be certain you’re at the right temperature for whatever dish you want to cook – ensuring your don’t burn or alternatively undercook your dishes.

How heavy is it?

It’s only 45kg – so a couple of people can easily lift and transport the oven from location to location (just be sure to not try to move it until it’s completely cooled from its last use).


In summary, this is one of the most beautiful ready-built pizza ovens we’ve ever come across.

It brings convenience, portability, and amazing aesthetics (not to mention affordability).

The added benefit is that Pizza Oven Shop (the exclusive sellers of this model) actually have stock held in their Harrogate warehouse (currently 7 units at the time of writing this) – meaning you could have your oven in-time for bonfire night if you act quickly!

A truly stunning pizza oven, at a truly stunning price – grab yours while stocks last.