After many requests, we set-out on a search for the ultimate, rustic, authentic wood-fired pizza oven.

Scouring the internet, we came across hundreds of contenders – all with their own unique features and qualities.

But we’re pleased to announce, we’ve found the ultimate rustic pizza oven out of all these contenders!

The Rustica pizza oven from Pizza Forno is our favourite, traditional-style pizza oven – with its typical dome structure, black chimney, and wooden structure below to hold your seasoned, kiln-dried wood for the fire – it’s got all the characteristics of an ancient Italian oven but built for 21st Century convenience.

It comes in 2 colours, white and terracotta, and arrives ready-built – so no fiddly construction needed.

Plus, it’s made right here in Britain and is only £779 for the full kit (including a thermometer, oven door, and lots of other awesome accessories), so is affordable for most.

From pizzas to Sunday roasts, because this is a wood-fired oven you get all the flexibility of cooking at different temperatures from as high as 425 degrees celsius down to ‘low and slow’ temperatures for roasting meats and veg.

You can easily fit 2-3 pizzas in this oven at any given time, and with pizza cooking times of 90 seconds per pizza – you can cater to parties of almost any size from this compact, convenient yet traditional oven.

One great, unique touch we found with this oven is the raised hearth. This ensures any ash from the burning firewood stays away from the cooking surface, so you don’t end-up with ash and burnt bits of wood on the base of your pizza.

With the traditional ‘igloo’ style structure and dome, and all its unique features and accessories, we genuinely think this is one of the most attractive, convenient, functional, and best-value rustic wood-fired pizza ovens on the market today.

We’re not affiliated with Pizza Forno in any way, and our search for the best rustic pizza oven is completely independent – so rest-assured, we’ve done the hard work for you in doing a completely unbiased, thorough search of the marketplace to find you the best rustic oven.

Order yours today, and happy cooking my budding pizzaiolos!