Christmas is almost here, festivities and Christmas parties are underway, and gatherings with family and friends are just around the corner.

Plus, the big one – Christmas Dinner!

What can you do this year to make your Christmas Dinner that bit more special?

How about cooking it all in a pizza oven?

Yes, you read that right. You could cook a full Christmas Dinner, in a pizza oven!

And not just any pizza oven – in a Forno Bravo Napoli120G 48″ gas pizza oven.

This is our pizza oven of the Month for December.


Because it’s quite possibly the nicest looking pizza oven we’ve EVER come across. Covered in red and black mosaic tiles, this beautifully traditional looking oven also comes with the convenience of a gas supply – meaning you don’t have to store solid wood fuel and you can fire it up at any time of the year, easily.

Plus, it’s big!

And we mean seriously big.

It can cook 7 pizzas at any given time, putting out up to 100 pizzas per hour! That’s enough capacity for almost all commercial applications, so you can be sure you can accommodate even the largest garden parties and get-togethers with this oven.

And because the oven is so big, it means it’s even more suitable for cooking a whole manner of meals – not just pizzas. Including Christmas Dinner!

It’s certainly not the cheapest pizza oven we’ve come across, at a total price of $12,950 – but it is without a doubt one of the largest and most attractive ovens we’ve ever seen. Certainly worth the price tag if you can afford it.

What’s more, Forno Bravo actually offer finance on this oven at a rate of $357 per month, making it much more affordable for those that don’t have the cash for an upfront purchase.

So, order yours in time for Christmas, and do something unique for your Christmas dinner this year.

We are in no way affiliated with Forno Bravo – this is a completely independent review, so rest assured that our advice is totally impartial.

Merry Christmas!