It’s a New Year, so why not start it in style – with a brand new pizza oven!

The festivities have subsided, money has been spent, everyone has returned to work, and resolutions are underway.

But January doesn’t have to be so depressing after all.

Why not kick those resolutions into touch and buck the trend this year. And what better way to do this by investing in something that will allow you to host the most awesome get-togethers and enjoy some of the best pizzas you’ve ever tried.

We recently visited West Wight Alpacas in Yarmouth, Isle of Wight – where we got to try fresh pizza from the fantastic spectacle that is a Gozney pizza oven.

Clad in metallic, glass mosaic tiles (something West Wight Alpacas chose to customise theirs with), this giant of a pizza oven could fit up to 6 pizzas and has the option of gas or wood fuel (or a mixture of the two), providing a perfect balance of convenience and traditionalism Рthis is the Gozney Napoli 1250 pizza oven!

On a cold day exploring the alpaca farm, a warm, fresh, crispy pizza is just what we wanted when we came back into the warmth – and the Gozney Napoli 1250 definitely delivered.

Manufactured in the UK, this oven is one of the few we have come across that’s actually listed on the DEFRA exemption list by complying with the Clean Air Act – so if one of your resolutions is to be more environmentally friendly, then hey, box ticked!

You also get a handy temperature gauge built into the oven face, meaning you can keep a close eye on the temperature of the oven – very handy when you’re using it for a variety of dishes and cooking techniques.

And if you don’t currently have the funds to invest in a Gozney Napoli 1250 oven?

Don’t worry.

Just get yourself down to West Wight Alpacas on the Isle of Wight for one of the best pizzas you’ve had in your life!

We tried the ‘veg patch’ option – offering a delicious twist on the conventional pizza by switching out passata/marinara sauce with a homemade walnut pesto, topped with thin strips of courgette, punchy sundried tomatoes, and pine nuts (plus cheese – but you can leave this off if you’re vegan). All sitting on a homemade sourdough base.


The base was crispy on the bottom but retained a good ‘chew’, with the noticeable ‘tang’ of sourdough, the pesto was beautifully nutty and the veg was fresh and carefully decorated across the pizza – all-in-all, a superb artisan pizza and one of the best we’ve ever tried (and we’ve just come back from Sicily!).

Definitely worth a visit if you’re on the Island or nearby – give it a try.