With the Season edging slowly out of Winter, now is the perfect time to start thinking about those Spring and Summer garden gatherings, and the perfect centre-piece for said gatherings?

An outdoor pizza oven!

This month, we’ve selected one of the best, portable wood-fired pizza ovens to suit the season.

We’ve chosen the Uuni 2S as our Pizza Oven of the Month for February!

Uuni 2s Wood Fired Pizza Oven


Because with April showers a’looming and unpredictable British weather, this little baby is the perfect solution. With just a 10 minute heating time, from cold to 500 degrees, you can make your pizzas in super-quick time and churn them all out for your guests before the showers can ruin the party.

Plus, it’s portable, so even if you are caught out by the weather, you could carefully move the oven to another spot under shelter, so there can still be pizzas-a-plenty!

The Uuni 2S is a revolutionary pizza oven.

It’s wood-fired, but not as we know it.

It uses wood pellets to fuel the fire, rather than large, cumbersome logs. Meaning you get a super-quick burn and convenience, whilst still delivering that unique, authentic, wood-fired pizza flavour.

It’s stylish, portable, convenient, super-fast, and even environmentally friendly (these guys plant a tree for every pack of wood pellets you buy from them!).

Plus, the big one, it’s affordable!

And I mean, affordable for pretty much anyone. It comes in at £199 GBP excluding shipping.

That’s one of the cheapest wood-fired pizza ovens we’ve ever discovered, if not THE cheapest – and with all the convenience, style, and durability it offers, it is most certainly the best value wood fired pizza oven we’ve ever seen.

They’re currently available to pre-order from their website, for delivery in March – and as compensation for being out-of-stock until then (we aren’t surprised why), Uuni are offering a FREE pizza oven cover with all orders placed (normally £24.99) so get in there quick for this added benefit!

A very deserving winner of our Pizza Oven of the Month award, and a very serious consideration for anyone looking to invest in a wood-fired pizza oven this year.

Happy dough throwing, pizzaiolos!