Time again for the Pizza Oven of the Month competition, where this month we chose a La Hacienda Multifunction Oven – given the run-up to Summer and the flexibility this oven gives you.


It’s April, and things are starting to warm up – I even donned my first pair of shorts this year today!

So with that in-mind, and the UK’s love affair with BBQs and outdoor dining as soon as the sun shines, we chose an oven that not only allows for outdoor pizza cooking, but all-out BBQs!

Versatile Cooking

That’s right, the La Hacienda Steel Multifunction Pizza Garden Oven is a true outdoor dining machine. From a smoker, to a pizza oven, to a BBQ, the La Hacienda does it all.

So whatever your garden party guests demand, this bad boy is pretty certain to meet their requirements.

You want a smoked salmon fillet? You got it!

How about a delicious, stone-baked, wood-fired pizza? You got it!

Or what about a crispy, chargrilled piece of chicken? You got it!

Maybe a 12-course, michelin star menu, with amuse bouche’s between courses? . . . maybe not.

But almost any demand can be catered for with the La Hacienda Multifunction oven.

What’s more, the oven looks great, it’s a one-piece, no-messing, portable oven, with a temperature gauge to help ensure that everything is cooked properly – so no more chicken that’s burnt on the outside and raw on the inside.

Cheap as Chips

Plus, it’s an absolute steal, at just £135.04!

You would struggle to find a dedicated outdoor pizza oven for this sort of price, never mind one that also transforms into a smoker AND a BBQ.

It’s designed for use with either charcoal or wood fuel, so you can adapt this according to the flavour profile you would like to impart on your food.

It looks great in the garden, and can easily accommodate a small garden party of up to 10-15 guests, or just small family/friend get-togethers.

That’s why the La Hacienda Multifunction Oven wins our April Pizza Oven of the Month Award – it’s a robust, adaptable, stylish, and affordable pizza oven for the upcoming Summer season.

Available now from bbqbarbecues for the bargain price of £135.04.