We wanted to buck the trend this month and feature a more commercially-oriented oven in our Pizza Oven of the Month award – so this May we’re awarding the Pizza Oven of the Month to the Italian Pizza Tunnel Conveyor Oven TN 38/45 available from Pizza Direct.

Italian Pizza Tunnel Conveyor Oven TN

We love conveyor pizza ovens – you prepare your base, whack your toppings on, and set the oven accordingly – then you wave goodbye to your uncooked pizza from one end of the oven, to be greeted with a delicious, hot, perfectly cooked pizza on the other end, ready for eating.

It’s so easy, and so consistent. There’s no constant watching or worrying about whether your base is going to be under or over cooked – provided your oven settings are correct with the Italian Pizza Tunnel Conveyor Oven TN 38/45, you can churn perfectly cooked pizzas out all day long.

And that’s why the conveyor pizza oven is favoured in commercial settings – there’s no skill required to use them, and they are 100% consistent in their results.

But the real reason we featured this particular conveyor pizza oven in this month’s Pizza Oven of the Month award is because it’s small, and affordable, enough to use at home, in a small-scale commercial setting, or even in portable catering setups like a food van.

It’s so versatile, yet still delivers the consistency and ease that comes with conveyor pizza ovens.

It still weighs a pretty substantial 41kg, so you’ll need a hand lifting it (unless you’re Eddie Hall), but this is as small and versatile as a conveyor oven gets – and that’s why it wins this month’s Pizza Oven of the Month award.

And the versatility doesn’t just stop with its portability, you can also cook toast, sandwiches, and bruschetta in this little bad boy – and with heating elements both above and below the conveyor, you can ensure an even and consistent bake.

Happy pizza cooking pizzaiolos.