This month we thought we’d go all out and find you a real showstopper of a pizza oven, something that will leave your guests in awe of its beauty and the deliciousness it delivers, and that’s why the Alfa Allegro Pizza Oven wins our Pizza Oven of the Month Award for July.

Alfa Allegro Pizza oven

Sleek, modern, yet traditional at the same time, the Alfa Allegro Pizza Oven really plays the perfect centrepiece to any Summer garden party.

Made in Italy, it will feel like the pizzas it produces come straight out of its homeland too – with crispy bases and a traditional flavour that only wood-burning ovens like this can deliver.

Although the oven is large, its still transportable across the garden so you can move it indoors (perhaps a shed or garage) after use (once cooled, of course!), to preserve its life.

With space for up to 5 pizzas a time, and a 60-90 second cooking time, you can deliver authentic, Italian pizzas to any size garden party, from 10 people up to 100.

Plus, you can bake and roast in this incredibly versatile oven, with a pyrometer to attain full temperature control across all your dishes.

And with a 2 year guarantee, you can be sure this oven is built to last plenty of parties and get-togethers, making the £4,395 price tag seem very reasonable indeed.

Available from A Bell, both in-store and online, the Alfa Allegro Pizza Oven is the Alpha amongst all pizza ovens, big, dominating, and chiseled – this design-oriented, yet equally practical oven is a Winner for all months of the year, but especially this July!

Congratulations Alfa Allegro! And happy pizza cooking pizzaiolos.