Pizza Oven of the Month July – Alfa Allegro Pizza Oven

This month we thought we’d go all out and find you a real showstopper of a pizza oven, something that will leave your guests in awe of its beauty and the deliciousness it delivers, and that’s why the Alfa Allegro Pizza Oven wins our Pizza Oven of the Month Award for July.

Alfa Allegro Pizza oven

Sleek, modern, yet traditional at the same time, the Alfa Allegro Pizza Oven really plays the perfect centrepiece to any Summer garden party.

Made in Italy, it will feel like the pizzas it produces come straight out of its homeland too – with crispy bases and a traditional flavour that only wood-burning ovens like this can deliver.

Although the oven is large, its still transportable across the garden so you can move it indoors (perhaps a shed or garage) after use (once cooled, of course!), to preserve its life.

With space for up to 5 pizzas a time, and a 60-90 second cooking time, you can deliver authentic, Italian pizzas to any size garden party, from 10 people up to 100.

Plus, you can bake and roast in this incredibly versatile oven, with a pyrometer to attain full temperature control across all your dishes.

And with a 2 year guarantee, you can be sure this oven is built to last plenty of parties and get-togethers, making the £4,395 price tag seem very reasonable indeed.

Available from A Bell, both in-store and online, the Alfa Allegro Pizza Oven is the Alpha amongst all pizza ovens, big, dominating, and chiseled – this design-oriented, yet equally practical oven is a Winner for all months of the year, but especially this July!

Congratulations Alfa Allegro! And happy pizza cooking pizzaiolos.

Pizza oven of the Month June – Morso Forno Outdoor Oven

With the Summer hotting up and garden parties becoming commonplace, this month’s pizza oven of the month is the super-sleek Morso Forno Outdoor Oven – an oven to take centre stage at even the fanciest of get-togethers.

Morso Forno Outdoor Oven

Looking like something out of the space age, this almost vase-like design makes you look twice before you realise what it actually is.

Slicker, sleeker, and more contemporary than any other oven we’ve seen or reviewed, this one really ticks all the design and ‘wow factor’ boxes.

With a stone base and enough space for a couple of pizzas a time, this traditional outdoor wood-fired pizza oven churns out traditional, rustic pizzas reminiscent of a sea-front restaurant in Sicily, with the contemporary design of something you would more likely see in an art gallery in Paris.

It’s the perfect combination of style and substance.

It’s also versatile – you can use as a pizza oven, a grill, or simply a nice log burner to warm your guests around.

Because it’s wood-fired it can reach extreme temperatures and cook thin-base pizzas in just 60-90 seconds.

Leaving most of the evening for you to take a sip of your cold beer, kick back in your chair, and absorb some sunshine – rather than slaving over an oven or grill for hours on end trying to feed your guests.

A few minutes, and everyone’s fed, happy, and ready to enjoy the rest of the evening around the spectacle that is the Morso Forno Outdoor Oven.

Plus, you can impress your friends this Summer on a budget. The guys that sell the Morso Forno Outdoor Oven, BMF Creative Interiors, offer finance packages starting from just £54.95 per month, over 12 months, at 0% APR – so there’s no reason not to spread the cost.

This is quite possibly the most sexy pizza oven we’ve ever reviewed in our Pizza Oven of the Month competition, and a very deserved winner.

Happy pizza cooking Pizzaiolos!

Pizza Oven of the Month May – Italian Pizza Tunnel Conveyor Oven TN 38/45

We wanted to buck the trend this month and feature a more commercially-oriented oven in our Pizza Oven of the Month award – so this May we’re awarding the Pizza Oven of the Month to the Italian Pizza Tunnel Conveyor Oven TN 38/45 available from Pizza Direct.

Italian Pizza Tunnel Conveyor Oven TN

We love conveyor pizza ovens – you prepare your base, whack your toppings on, and set the oven accordingly – then you wave goodbye to your uncooked pizza from one end of the oven, to be greeted with a delicious, hot, perfectly cooked pizza on the other end, ready for eating.

It’s so easy, and so consistent. There’s no constant watching or worrying about whether your base is going to be under or over cooked – provided your oven settings are correct with the Italian Pizza Tunnel Conveyor Oven TN 38/45, you can churn perfectly cooked pizzas out all day long.

And that’s why the conveyor pizza oven is favoured in commercial settings – there’s no skill required to use them, and they are 100% consistent in their results.

But the real reason we featured this particular conveyor pizza oven in this month’s Pizza Oven of the Month award is because it’s small, and affordable, enough to use at home, in a small-scale commercial setting, or even in portable catering setups like a food van.

It’s so versatile, yet still delivers the consistency and ease that comes with conveyor pizza ovens.

It still weighs a pretty substantial 41kg, so you’ll need a hand lifting it (unless you’re Eddie Hall), but this is as small and versatile as a conveyor oven gets – and that’s why it wins this month’s Pizza Oven of the Month award.

And the versatility doesn’t just stop with its portability, you can also cook toast, sandwiches, and bruschetta in this little bad boy – and with heating elements both above and below the conveyor, you can ensure an even and consistent bake.

Happy pizza cooking pizzaiolos.

Pizza Oven of the Month April – La Hacienda Multifunction Oven

Time again for the Pizza Oven of the Month competition, where this month we chose a La Hacienda Multifunction Oven – given the run-up to Summer and the flexibility this oven gives you.


It’s April, and things are starting to warm up – I even donned my first pair of shorts this year today!

So with that in-mind, and the UK’s love affair with BBQs and outdoor dining as soon as the sun shines, we chose an oven that not only allows for outdoor pizza cooking, but all-out BBQs!

Versatile Cooking

That’s right, the La Hacienda Steel Multifunction Pizza Garden Oven is a true outdoor dining machine. From a smoker, to a pizza oven, to a BBQ, the La Hacienda does it all.

So whatever your garden party guests demand, this bad boy is pretty certain to meet their requirements.

You want a smoked salmon fillet? You got it!

How about a delicious, stone-baked, wood-fired pizza? You got it!

Or what about a crispy, chargrilled piece of chicken? You got it!

Maybe a 12-course, michelin star menu, with amuse bouche’s between courses? . . . maybe not.

But almost any demand can be catered for with the La Hacienda Multifunction oven.

What’s more, the oven looks great, it’s a one-piece, no-messing, portable oven, with a temperature gauge to help ensure that everything is cooked properly – so no more chicken that’s burnt on the outside and raw on the inside.

Cheap as Chips

Plus, it’s an absolute steal, at just £135.04!

You would struggle to find a dedicated outdoor pizza oven for this sort of price, never mind one that also transforms into a smoker AND a BBQ.

It’s designed for use with either charcoal or wood fuel, so you can adapt this according to the flavour profile you would like to impart on your food.

It looks great in the garden, and can easily accommodate a small garden party of up to 10-15 guests, or just small family/friend get-togethers.

That’s why the La Hacienda Multifunction Oven wins our April Pizza Oven of the Month Award – it’s a robust, adaptable, stylish, and affordable pizza oven for the upcoming Summer season.

Available now from bbqbarbecues for the bargain price of £135.04.


Pizza Oven of the Month March

Spring is rearing its head and the weather is picking-up, and what better way to celebrate the sunshine than with friends and family gathered around a brand new outdoor pizza oven?

This month’s award for Pizza Oven of the Month goes to the Bushman Medium Onion-Style Garden Oven.

Bushman medium garden oven onion shape

As you can see, it’s delightfully unique shape distinguishes this amazing wood-fired oven from all others.

To be truly extravagant with it, you could even style and paint the exterior to represent an onion or a garlic bulb for a distinctly unique, novel, and quaintly amusing garden centerpiece.

But humour and aesthetics aside, this is a serious wood-fired pizza oven – perfect for those garden get-togethers and for churning out some amazing food for alfresco dining – including delicious pizzas!

Dingley Dell, the owner of Bushman pizza ovens, is the longest-standing DEFRA approved pizza oven manufacturer – so you know when you order a Bushman oven you are not only receiving a wealth of pizza oven knowledge, expertise, and experience, but you are also making an environmentally friendly choice.

Although the chimney of the onion shaped garden oven is centralised at the top, to give the distinctive shape of the oven, the actual chimney inlet is still positioned to the front for optimal operational efficiency and performance.

The great thing about a Bushman oven is that they are fully customisable and flexible with their product options – they even offer uninsulated versions so you can use their DEFRA-approved foundation for your oven, then build up from there – making something truly unique to you and your garden.

And this oven isn’t just designed for the fair-weather user, making it perfectly adaptable to unpredictable Spring and Autumn (and often Summer, in the UK!) days/nights, with over 3 layers of reinforcing, they are designed for daily, constant use – so pizzas all-year-round! – see what we did there . . . pizzas . . . round? Never mind.

So, a worthy winner of our Pizza Oven of the Month award for March, and a definite contender for anyone considering investing in an outdoor pizza oven this Spring.

Happy cooking pizzaiolos!


Pizza Oven of the Month February

With the Season edging slowly out of Winter, now is the perfect time to start thinking about those Spring and Summer garden gatherings, and the perfect centre-piece for said gatherings?

An outdoor pizza oven!

This month, we’ve selected one of the best, portable wood-fired pizza ovens to suit the season.

We’ve chosen the Uuni 2S as our Pizza Oven of the Month for February!

Uuni 2s Wood Fired Pizza Oven


Because with April showers a’looming and unpredictable British weather, this little baby is the perfect solution. With just a 10 minute heating time, from cold to 500 degrees, you can make your pizzas in super-quick time and churn them all out for your guests before the showers can ruin the party.

Plus, it’s portable, so even if you are caught out by the weather, you could carefully move the oven to another spot under shelter, so there can still be pizzas-a-plenty!

The Uuni 2S is a revolutionary pizza oven.

It’s wood-fired, but not as we know it.

It uses wood pellets to fuel the fire, rather than large, cumbersome logs. Meaning you get a super-quick burn and convenience, whilst still delivering that unique, authentic, wood-fired pizza flavour.

It’s stylish, portable, convenient, super-fast, and even environmentally friendly (these guys plant a tree for every pack of wood pellets you buy from them!).

Plus, the big one, it’s affordable!

And I mean, affordable for pretty much anyone. It comes in at £199 GBP excluding shipping.

That’s one of the cheapest wood-fired pizza ovens we’ve ever discovered, if not THE cheapest – and with all the convenience, style, and durability it offers, it is most certainly the best value wood fired pizza oven we’ve ever seen.

They’re currently available to pre-order from their website, for delivery in March – and as compensation for being out-of-stock until then (we aren’t surprised why), Uuni are offering a FREE pizza oven cover with all orders placed (normally £24.99) so get in there quick for this added benefit!

A very deserving winner of our Pizza Oven of the Month award, and a very serious consideration for anyone looking to invest in a wood-fired pizza oven this year.

Happy dough throwing, pizzaiolos!

Pizza Oven (and Restaurant) of the Month – January

It’s a New Year, so why not start it in style – with a brand new pizza oven!

The festivities have subsided, money has been spent, everyone has returned to work, and resolutions are underway.

But January doesn’t have to be so depressing after all.

Why not kick those resolutions into touch and buck the trend this year. And what better way to do this by investing in something that will allow you to host the most awesome get-togethers and enjoy some of the best pizzas you’ve ever tried.

We recently visited West Wight Alpacas in Yarmouth, Isle of Wight – where we got to try fresh pizza from the fantastic spectacle that is a Gozney pizza oven.

Clad in metallic, glass mosaic tiles (something West Wight Alpacas chose to customise theirs with), this giant of a pizza oven could fit up to 6 pizzas and has the option of gas or wood fuel (or a mixture of the two), providing a perfect balance of convenience and traditionalism – this is the Gozney Napoli 1250 pizza oven!

On a cold day exploring the alpaca farm, a warm, fresh, crispy pizza is just what we wanted when we came back into the warmth – and the Gozney Napoli 1250 definitely delivered.

Manufactured in the UK, this oven is one of the few we have come across that’s actually listed on the DEFRA exemption list by complying with the Clean Air Act – so if one of your resolutions is to be more environmentally friendly, then hey, box ticked!

You also get a handy temperature gauge built into the oven face, meaning you can keep a close eye on the temperature of the oven – very handy when you’re using it for a variety of dishes and cooking techniques.

And if you don’t currently have the funds to invest in a Gozney Napoli 1250 oven?

Don’t worry.

Just get yourself down to West Wight Alpacas on the Isle of Wight for one of the best pizzas you’ve had in your life!

We tried the ‘veg patch’ option – offering a delicious twist on the conventional pizza by switching out passata/marinara sauce with a homemade walnut pesto, topped with thin strips of courgette, punchy sundried tomatoes, and pine nuts (plus cheese – but you can leave this off if you’re vegan). All sitting on a homemade sourdough base.


The base was crispy on the bottom but retained a good ‘chew’, with the noticeable ‘tang’ of sourdough, the pesto was beautifully nutty and the veg was fresh and carefully decorated across the pizza – all-in-all, a superb artisan pizza and one of the best we’ve ever tried (and we’ve just come back from Sicily!).

Definitely worth a visit if you’re on the Island or nearby – give it a try.

Pizza Oven of the Month – December

Christmas is almost here, festivities and Christmas parties are underway, and gatherings with family and friends are just around the corner.

Plus, the big one – Christmas Dinner!

What can you do this year to make your Christmas Dinner that bit more special?

How about cooking it all in a pizza oven?

Yes, you read that right. You could cook a full Christmas Dinner, in a pizza oven!

And not just any pizza oven – in a Forno Bravo Napoli120G 48″ gas pizza oven.

This is our pizza oven of the Month for December.


Because it’s quite possibly the nicest looking pizza oven we’ve EVER come across. Covered in red and black mosaic tiles, this beautifully traditional looking oven also comes with the convenience of a gas supply – meaning you don’t have to store solid wood fuel and you can fire it up at any time of the year, easily.

Plus, it’s big!

And we mean seriously big.

It can cook 7 pizzas at any given time, putting out up to 100 pizzas per hour! That’s enough capacity for almost all commercial applications, so you can be sure you can accommodate even the largest garden parties and get-togethers with this oven.

And because the oven is so big, it means it’s even more suitable for cooking a whole manner of meals – not just pizzas. Including Christmas Dinner!

It’s certainly not the cheapest pizza oven we’ve come across, at a total price of $12,950 – but it is without a doubt one of the largest and most attractive ovens we’ve ever seen. Certainly worth the price tag if you can afford it.

What’s more, Forno Bravo actually offer finance on this oven at a rate of $357 per month, making it much more affordable for those that don’t have the cash for an upfront purchase.

So, order yours in time for Christmas, and do something unique for your Christmas dinner this year.

We are in no way affiliated with Forno Bravo – this is a completely independent review, so rest assured that our advice is totally impartial.

Merry Christmas!


Where to Buy the Best Pizza Oven Accessories (In the US)

So, you’ve got your new pizza oven and you’ve already tried it out – but you’ve realised you’re lacking on a few of the necessary tools to maintain your oven and serve the best pizzas.

Perhaps your oven doesn’t have a thermometer and you want to become more accurate with your temperatures so you can cook better pizza? Or perhaps you need an awesome pizza cutter so your guests can tuck in as quickly as possible after your pizza comes out of the oven? Or maybe your oven is getting a little mucky after a few uses and you’re looking for some accessories to help make the cleaning process simpler and easier?

Whatever it is you need for your pizza oven, we’re 99.999999999% sure the guys we’ve discovered can deliver it.

They offer the widest range of pizza oven accessories we’ve ever come across, and even offer things we’d never thought of before – like smoker boxes, chimney starters, and even calzone presses! (who doesn’t love a calzone?!)

And, the company we’re talking about is, drumroll please . . .

Pizza Craft!

These guys are serious when it comes to pizza – from the actual ovens themselves, to pizza stones, pizza peels, pizza cutters, pizza sets, and other pizza tools, they have pretty much everything covered.

They even organise an annual ‘Pizzafest’ to celebrate all things pizza, and to raise money for charity – so aside from their amazing range, we felt compelled to share this resource with our own visitors on the basis of their amazing ethics too. Using pizza for good (and enjoying good pizza at the same time).

So, if you can’t make their next Pizzafest, then at least check out their range of pizza ovens and accessories – it literally blew our minds looking through their lines, and let to a very big wishlist of pizza paraphernalia of our own!

At Pizza Oven Hub, we aren’t affiliated with any commercial organisation, so you can be certain that when we recommend a resource, it’s purely because of the usefulness we think it will deliver to our visitors and readers – so rest assured, Pizza Craft is THE place to go for your pizza oven accessories (if you’re in the US).

If you’re in the UK or elsewhere, we’ll find a resource for you soon too, and share it on our blog right here.

Happy pizza shopping!

Where to Try a Pizza Oven Before you Buy

So you’ve decided you want to invest in a pizza oven for your kitchen or garden – great choice!

But with so many options and models available, how do you choose the right one for you?

Well, the ideal situation is to try before you buy – so you can see for yourself which oven best meets your particular needs. But there aren’t that many opportunities to do this, unless friends or family have one that you can try first.

That is . . . unless you live in South Yorkshire.

Because here at Pizza Oven Hub, we’ve found a showroom in this area that offers a try before you buy experience – with 3 pizza oven models built and ready-to-use in their showroom, Creative Outdoor Living in Wentworth, Rotherham, have everything you need to try an oven before you commit to buy.

So, if you’re in the area it’s definitely worth a visit. Take your own pizza, if you want to try the oven with your particular recipes, or give them advance notice before you arrive and they’ll have some ingredients ready for you to give the ovens a whirl.

Pizza ovens aren’t the cheapest things to buy, ranging from around £100 up to thousands of pounds, depending on the size, model, and construction. So it often pays to know which oven is right for you BEFORE you put your money down – and this is the perfect opportunity to do just that.

Not only do they have workable models in their showroom, they also offer some of the most popular ovens in the market – from Jamie Oliver pizza ovens through to Fontana and Chariots of Fire.

This means they have a wealth of knowledge around the different types of pizza oven, and they’re unbiased towards any particular brand.

We’re not affiliated with Creative Outdoor Living in any way, so our review of their services and products is also 100% independent, and we’d recommend these guys to anyone looking for a pizza oven in the South Yorkshire area – they offer the best brands and the best opportunity to ‘try before you buy’ that you don’t often get with other pizza oven sellers.


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