Conveyor pizza ovens are unbeatable for consistent results – using a timed conveyor belt that is pre-set according to temperature and speed, you can adjust until you reach the perfect formula for the perfectly-cooked pizza, and replicate over and over.

This makes them great for commercial settings where pizza after pizza can be run through the conveyor to be cooked to perfection without any risk of burning or over/under-cooking.

The wider the conveyor, the more pizzas you can fit on at any given time, and the longer the conveyor, the more pizzas can be cooking simultaneously – there are many different models and styles to suit the intensity of your operation.

Conveyor pizza ovens are only ever typically used in a commercial setting, aside from the few pizza-crazy fans who have these in their home kitchen.

Conveyor Pizza Oven Fuel

Conveyor pizza ovens are fueled by either gas or electric, with the latter being the most popular option.

Cooking in a Conveyor Pizza Oven

Due to the restrictive nature of the oven and the fact it is designed purely for pizzas, there are very few other dishes you can cook in a conveyor pizza oven.

Burgers could be cooked this way, but adjustments would need to be made from the pizza settings in order to ensure the burgers are cooked through, and the crumb tray would have to be emptied regularly to clear the fat and oil that falls from the burgers whilst cooking.

Due to their consistency and speed, conveyor pizza ovens are often used in most of the major pizza takeaway chains.

Conveyor Pizza Oven Maintenance

On most models there is a crumb tray to catch any stray toppings and crumbs from the pizza crust – and this will need emptying regularly.

On larger models, the conveyor can also be removed, and therefore cleaned with a cleaning spray, left for 20 mins, washed off with water, and then scrubbed with a wire brush to get any stubborn burnt-on toppings and other bits.

The day-to-day maintenance and cleaning of a conveyor oven is more involving than most other models due to the number of parts involved, but the time saved during cooking and the reduction of waste through burnt or under/over cooked pizzas will no doubt make-up for this additional cleaning time in a commercial environment.

Top Tips for a Conveyor Pizza Oven

  • If you are a high-volume outlet (or anticipate to be), look at wider models of conveyor pizza ovens where 2, 3, and even 4 pizzas can be placed on the conveyor at a time
  • Regular maintenance is key to ensuring 100% up-time on your conveyor oven, ensure you have your oven serviced regularly to maintain optimum performance and to avoid disruption to trade
  • Seriously consider a conveyor oven to other models if you want to run a lean business, due to the reduction in wastage it produces and also the reduction is labour costs from not needing skilled staff to operate the oven