Stone deck pizza ovens are a great way to imitate the hot base of a traditional wood fired or gas fired pizza oven – with the convenience of temperature control and the ability to cook many pizzas at once.

Great for commercial settings such as busy takeaways or pizza shops where speed, volume, and consistency are key.

The name ‘deck’ is given due to the ovens being stacked, offering several narrow ovens stacked on top of one another for the ultimate in scale and speed.

Deck Pizza Oven Fuel

Deck pizza ovens are available in electric format mainly, but are also available in gas-powered models.

Cooking in a Deck Pizza Oven

The temperature on deck ovens can be adjusted and maximum temperatures depend on the model of oven.

Due to height restrictions, they aren’t always as versatile in terms of what you can cook in them in comparison to larger wood-fired and gas-fired ovens. However you should be able to fit most dishes in a deck pizza oven alongside your pizzas.

Because the temperature is so controllable, you can achieve high-heat, roasting, and baking methods of cooking in a deck oven.

Deck pizza ovens are almost exclusively used in commercial settings rather than for personal use, due to the size of the ovens and output volume they can achieve.

Deck Pizza Oven Maintenance

Deck pizza ovens just need sweeping after use to remove any remnants of food that remain, and can also be cleaned using a damp mop.

Maintenance and repairs are made easy by the fact that most deck pizza ovens are supplied on a wheeled base, so they can be moved into their desired location and serviced easily.

Top Tips for a Deck Pizza Oven

  • Most suited to a commercial setting where output volume is key
  • Keep a close eye on pizzas when using a deck oven. Due to the fact you may have many to cook at any given time, it becomes easier for pizzas to burn – given how quick they typically cook
  • If your pizza shop/restaurant is a new venture, where possible, source a model where more decks can be added at a later date so you aren’t constantly operating empty decks if business is quieter than anticipated, and you can quickly/easily scale up with demand