electric pizza oven

Electric pizza ovens are almost always used indoors (for obvious reasons) and often in commercial settings such as takeaways or fast-food outlets.

They are reliable, great for temperature control, and come in different shapes and sizes – often lending themselves to many dishes beyond simply pizzas.

They can reach temperatures as high as wood-fired ovens, and can often reach temperature faster than wood options, though often not as fast as gas.

Unless used in a commercial setting, it is often best to use a regular electric oven found in most kitchens rather than buy a dedicated electric pizza oven, since the final results are almost identical.

There are now electric ‘stone bake’ pizza ovens that attempt to replicate the base and dough-rise that the high-heat of a traditional pizza oven base creates – though again, similar results could be achieved by placing a pizza directly on the bottom of your regular electric oven floor at a high temperature (provided the base is thin and not too many toppings are used).

Electric Pizza Oven Fuel

An electric pizza oven is powered by electric fed through either a directly wired switch socket (if the oven is in a fixed location) or a plug socket (if portable).

The temperature is often adjusted by the dials provided on the electric pizza oven itself.

Cooking in an Electric Pizza Oven

Cooking in an electric pizza oven is the ultimate, convenient way to cook pizzas.

Although lacking the smokey character and unique heat distribution of wood-fired and many gas-fired pizza ovens, cooking pizzas in electric pizza ovens can still produce tasty results and allows for a non-skilled operator to quickly and easily turn-out a large number of pizzas quickly and consistently.

The cooking techniques available on an electric pizza oven depend on the model you choose – though often you’ll be able to use the high heat, roasting, and baking techniques as with the wood and gas fired pizza ovens.

Electric Pizza Oven Maintenance

Just like a traditional electric oven found in most household kitchens, electric ovens just need cleaning every now and again with appropriate cleaner and a cloth/sponge.

Many electric pizza ovens will contain removable base plates and/or racks that can be removed and placed in the dishwasher or washed in the sink.

Top Tips for an Electric Pizza Oven

  • If you’re planning to use an electric pizza oven for personal use only, at home, then try placing your pizzas on the base of your regular oven at high heat to achieve your desired pizza before you spend money on a specialised electric pizza oven. Often you can save yourself a lot of money by using your current oven
  • Electric pizza ovens don’t need ventilation/ducts like wood-fired and gas-fired options do, so installation in commercial and household settings tends to be less expensive than other options
  • Electric ovens come in many shapes and sizes, so before you invest in your electric pizza oven, make sure you explore the various options you have available like deck ovens and conveyor models – these can often offer further convenience and benefits, especially in commercial environments