Pizza ovens aren’t just for pizzas (although they do make a darn good pizza) – take a look at some of the pizza and non-pizza recipes below for some inspiration on what to cook in your own pizza oven.

Our personal preference is the wood-fired pizza oven – it gives a lovely smokey edge to these delicious recipes, but they all work equally well in gas and electric versions too.

Just be sure to adjust cooking times according to the heat output of your oven, as heat can vary wildly from one pizza oven to the next.

Pizza Recipes

The Ultimate Pizza Dough

Quick Tomato Sauce

Quick Double-Nut Pesto for Pizza Topping

Garlic King Prawn Pizza

Gorgonzola, Aubergine, Spinach, and Parmesan Pizza

Egg Calzone

Other Recipes

Italian Bread Soup (Ribolitta)

Grilled Sea Bass

Lasagne al Forno

Roast Chicken